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Welcome the home of the OPTIMA Batteries OneLapCamaro the 2010 One Lap of America Vintage American Class Champions.  The OneLapCamaro is a custom built 1967 Camaro RS that was engineered to excel in a variety of motorsports – autocross, road racing, acceleration and braking challenges, and open highway racing.  The ultimate goal of the OPTIMA Batteries OneLapCamaro was to compete in the Tire Rack One Lap of America which we did for the first time in 2010.

Latest News

The OPTIMA Batteries OneLapCamaro to defend it’s Vintage American Class Championship in 2011!

  It’s official – the OPTIMA Batteries OneLapCamaro is heading back to South Bend, Indiana and points beyond to defend our Vintage... 05 February 2011 Read more...

The OLC Team partners with RideTech Suspension!

  The OPTIMA Batteries OneLapCamaro Team is excited to announce that they are partnering with RideTech Suspension ( 30 January 2011 Read more...

Baer Brakes joins the OneLapCamaro Team!

  The OPTIMA Batteries OneLapCamaro Team is proud to announce that Baer Brakes ( - a leader in high performance aftermarket... 05 January 2011 Read more...

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