Children’s charity



If you have a moment of time to help Roe Racing and a children’s charity, please read this email.


Roe Racing is fortunate enough to be one of the twenty-six teams competing in the Autoweek America Adventure by Mopar road rally which begins October 26th in Seattle, Washington. It’s a weeklong event ending in Las Vegas at the SEMA show. You can check out the event and the teams at


The rally benefits The Graham Rahal Foundation and CARA Charities. There are two ways teams can earn pre-event points. One of the ways is by recruiting people to join the charity cause The America Adventure "Cruising for the Kids". Joining through Facebook is free, no donation is required. The other is through direct charitable donations. Both methods have a points deadline of October 26th.


If you have a Facebook account and a moment, will you please click on my recruiter link below and join the cause? No spam mail will be generated by this and you’re simply recognizing the cause.


If you would like to help and don’t have a Facebook account, you can donate directly. It is a 501c3 tax deductable donation. The link to donate is below. In the event you donate, please send me an email with your name and the amount so I can inform the organizers the support came through our teams efforts to raise awareness.


If you can help, Roe Racing and the charity would appreciate it (we’re in third place on points)!

Thank you for your time.



Best regards,


Roe Racing

1587 Scottridge Lane

Jacksonville, FL 32259

Telephone #'s

(904) 230-5422

(904) 230-5423

Fax #

(866) 927-8981



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